Green Dad

6 Ideas to Green up Dad on Fathers Day

EnviroCitizen boasts an expansive selection of eco-friendly products as well as a tremendous informational and educational resource base. Their articles library contains well over 1000 custom written, unique, and informative articles on every topic imaginable with respect to green and eco-friendly lifestyles. In addition, has a robust Education Center, a well-trafficked Forum, and a terrific Consultant, Contractor and Provider Finder. Here are ideas from just 6 different areas of the site: 1.  Personal Care: It’s no secret that …

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Hoiusehold Products

Rule of Thumb for Household Products: If You Can’t Drink It, Don’t Use It

Can a product that’s eco-friendly really be good for the environment (as the term would suggest) if there’s a warning not to drink it? believes that if something is safe for the environment, it should be safe for you in most cases, too. For example, if you’re using a harsh chemical to clean your floors you may assume that the risks and warnings associated with that chemical do not extend beyond your floor. The fact is, once you’ve finished …

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No Hybrid? Smaller Ways to Go Green

  By Peter DeMarco Ever gotten a parking ticket from the carbon-footprint police? I drive a gas-wasting Chevy Tahoe, and for a time someone in the neighborhood would routinely plant orange, “Violation: Earth’’ citations on my windshield. “To SUV Driver,’’ they read. “Time to buy a Hybrid!’’ My Tahoe has served me well, but it gets an abysmal 12 miles per gallon. Do I need such a big vehicle? No. But buying a new car can be expensive, let alone …

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Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine of Truth – Which Way Does the Wind Blow?

By Elena Christopoulos As spring has fully sprung, I write this article on one windy day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What you need to know is that I have always believed in alternative energy, but specifically, wind energy — a site just needed the right type of turbine that would integrate into the surrounding community. I am an energy consultant who has been typically referred to as a ‘wind guru’. Thus far in my career, I have encountered numerous questions …

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Green Landscaping

Exploring Green Landscaping Ideas

Springtime has arrived!!  We are all thinking about some work around the yard.  Some of us are looking at small changes and projects, others are thinking about bigger, more radical changes to our landscape.  Either way, here are some useful thoughts from us here at on a more eco-friendly approach to gardening and landscaping. Green landscaping is the process of creating beautiful scenery through the planting of native plants, the implementation of environmentally friendly designs and the limitation or …

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Investing In Solar Panels

Long-Term Investment Benefits of Converting to Solar Energy

Many individuals have their hearts and minds in the right place when they consider solar energy. The environmental benefits of solar energy are immense. Solar energy produces no pollution as well as no greenhouse gases. The products last for decades and also create renewable energy. However, solar energy can also benefit individuals financially. The long-term benefits of solar energy are astounding. First and foremost, solar energy is a protected investment. By paying upfront for installation, you will save yourself from …

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Green Vacation

The Green Vacation – Practical Planning Tips for Eco-Travel

If you’re planning a vacation and want it to be as eco-friendly as possible, knows that a little research can go a long way. You could hire a green vacation planner, however, if you don’t want to spend the money on a green vacation planner or you are a do-it-yourself kind of traveler, you can create your own customized green vacation. The first step is to figure out how you’re going to get to your destination. If you’re traveling …

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Green Investing: Eco-friendly Investment Choices

You can’t assure that investing in companies that are leading the way to a more energy efficient, sustainable planet will pay off any better than investing in any other companies or in general market indexes like the S&P 500.  However, companies working to modernize the woefully inadequate power grid, as well as companies designing and providing renewable, sustainable energy sources will probably be decent bets.  With the U.S. and other countries allocating hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars …

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