Whats In Your Purse

Natural Toiletries: What’s In Your Purse?

Here at EnviroCitizen.org, we like to ask questions.  The question we ask you today is what’s inside your makeup bag? A shimmery lipstick, a full-proof foundation and a tube of black mascara? Now take a good, hard look at what’s really inside your makeup bag. Read all the ingredients. The real question is are the products you use every day safe? Last year, Americans spent about $50 billion on cosmetics and toiletries. While looking good isn’t a crime, it is …

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Yoga Nature

What Yoga Can Do For You

  Babies are born yogis. Once we were all able to pull our toes up by our ears and laugh about it. Then we aged, got injured, and began carrying stress in our shoulders and back. In short, we lost our balance. Yoga is an ancient practice that helps create a sense of union in body, mind, and spirit. It brings us balance.  Once you begin practicing yoga, it will become a part of your physical, mental and spiritual life.  …

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Natural Products

Choosing Natural Products and Supplements

How to choose natural products and natural supplements has as much to do with what to look for as well as what to avoid.  We hope this is helpful as you carefully read the labels of the personal products you choose for yourself and your family. The way we look is a direct result of what we put into our bodies. The food we eat and the beauty products we use greatly affect our outward appearance. Unfortunately, it is a …

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Natural Ingredients

How To Be Green With Natural Skin Care Products

In today’s more environmentally-friendly world, people are becoming more aware of all the benefits they can get from natural skin care products. They will actively seek out green or eco-friendly products to use as part of their daily skin care routine. It isn’t surprising, then, that skin care products manufacturers are opening their eyes to the current wave of consumers who wish to buy green products, and labeling them as organic or natural, depending on the ingredients. There are differences …

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Natural Cosmetics

How to Make Your Own Natural Cosmetics

By Mike Valenti Cosmetics have been used since ancient times, such as with the ancient Egyptians. However, EnviroCitizen.org has found that there are several things to look out for with modern cosmetics such as environmental impacts, toxins, allergic reactions and more. Information on all these things seems to change quite a bit. The good news is that you can eliminate this headache by making your own natural cosmetics. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it saves money and gives you …

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10 Great Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas from EnviroCitizen.org

The eco-friendly elves at EnviroCitizen.org have been very busy putting together their selection of thousands of environmentally friendly Holiday gift ideas. So, whether you need to stuff a stocking or give a gift, EnviroCitizen.org needs to be on your list this Holiday Season. So, pull up a keyboard and get ready to be wowed by a truly eco-friendly Holiday shopping experience. Here is just a sampling of the great eco-friendly gift ideas from EnviroCitizen.org arranged in 10 different idea categories: …

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Travel Packages for a Green Winter

During even the coldest winter seasons, vacations can still be environmentally friendly. Envirocitizen.org has found fantastic ways to identify these travel packages which are eco-friendly and educational experiences.  Most people don’t associate too many vacations with the winter but the truth is there are tons of opportunities to get some rest and relaxation while preserving nature’s natural resources. If we consider a green winter travel package for vacation, it is certainly a sustainable, green travel choice.  The winter package offers …

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Fall Foliage: Composting Your Leaves

As the sweet smell of summer becomes a distant memory, we watch begrudgingly as the leaves change color and as fall swoops in. You may ask yourself, what to do with the excessively large amount of dead leaves crowding your yard? Why not compost? Each year a single tree can shed up to 600lbs of leaves in a season.  In 2008, 249.6 million tons of municipal solid waste or MSW (more commonly known as trash or garbage) were generated in …

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Back to School

Going Green Back to School

It happens every year whether you would like it to or not: it’s time to go back to school.  It’s time for long afternoons spent listening to potentially boring lectures and even longer nights of homework and studying.  Even if going back to school isn’t your favorite time of year, there is something to look forward to: back to school shopping!  This year in the midst of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and constant chatter about global …

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