US Self Sufficent

How Much Land It Would Take to Make the U.S. Entirely Energy-Independent

Making the United States energy-independent is quite possible; it all depends on how Americans go about doing it. To start, there’s the question of renewable energy versus clean energy. An energy source might be renewable, but not clean. Take, for example, the idea of clean coal. The first and most important thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as clean coal. Clean coal is like a healthy cigarette; there is no such thing. However, using …

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Green Pig

The Green Pig Syndrome

One would hope that what I am about to say is mostly fantasy, but I don’t think so.  On the heels of a variety of calls from people claiming to be environmentally concerned, I am finding that environmental issues rarely supersede convenience and cost.   One remarkable comment came when a person replied to me, “I don’t mind being environmental as long as it doesn’t cost me anything.”  Frankly, I was too shocked to respond like I should have.  The best …

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