Green Water Bottles

If you already make efforts to be a green traveler, what does it take to be even greener? This article explores various ways to step up your green travel efforts. If you’re not familiar with the spectrum, it ranges from “pea green” travelers who are least likely to make extreme efforts to travel green, to “Kelly Green” travelers who make moderate efforts to be eco-conscious while traveling, to “forest green” travelers who will go to almost any length to leave no impact while traveling.

Bottled Water
Although water bottles may seem like an unimportant part of traveling green, with the sheer amount of waste produced by bottled water each, even one bottle can make a difference.

Buy Bottled Water
Green travelers may not own or want to carry their own reusable bottle on their trip, but they don’t want to buy and waste a new bottle each time. Thus, a green traveler might buy a bottle of water at the airport, and reuse that same bottle for most or the entirety of their trip, refilling it many times.

Bring Bottled Water
A greener traveler is also reluctant to bring hi/her own reusable bottle thinking that he/she may lose it, TSA could possibly confiscate it or perhaps it will look a bit odd or less professional. So, the greener traveler brings an empty, non-reusable bottle from home. Then at the end of the trip he/she can recycle it. (Note that you shouldn’t refill bottled water bottles more than a few times, as it’s not good for your health.)

Bring a Reusable Bottle
The greenest travelers bring their own reusable bottle. If you already own it, any reusable bottle is better for the environment than buying bottled water. Besides being environmentally friendly, bringing your own bottle of water can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a trip. If you are concerned about what type of reusable bottle is best for your personal health, next week we will write a comparison post of reusable water bottles. challenges you to consider the impact your next bottle of water has on the earth, whether it’s a green, reusable bottle or a disposable.  If you do not mind carrying around a reusable bottle, it is certainly best for the Earth to do so.  If you’re not quite ready to make this change, make sure you at least recycle your bottle after bringing your own or purchasing bottled water.