Eco-Conscious travel
Eco-Conscious travel

Eco-Conscious travel

There are many eco-friendly lodges, green resorts, and carbon offset opportunities for travel. However, there are many other economic ways to go on a green vacation without spending all of your own hard to come by green. If you use fewer resources, you will lose less cash- and you can benefit the environment. There are six simple ways to travel eco-consciously without breaking the bank.

Try someplace new and a little different.

  • Visit a place that’s not a tourist trap. This will avoid stress and money loss, and you will also receive a more authentic experience. Taking part in local culture and foods helps to lower the impact on the environment. There are many remote, wild places, but the payoff in experience will be well worth it.

Consider the things you are drinking from.

  • A recycled plastic bottle is still harder on the environment than no bottle at all. You can either provide your own long term bio-friendly water bottle (with an upfront investment which will save you later on cost) or you can purchase one disposable bottle and use it as long as possible. Your actual drink choice is also important. Local drinks will help the environment and will lower your carbon footprint too. This should be taken into consideration when you are at home as well. Try eating like a local.
  • Eating local, seasonal, produce is much cheaper than a restaurant meal. Eating local also helps the environment, as it doesn’t waste energy through the cost of shipping and production. If possible, try the local open-air markets or farmers markets. These traditional aspects lend to a great vacation and are great for the wallet. Consider alternative lodging.
  • More and more hotels are implementing green initiatives. Some hotels go even further. There are green resorts with minimal impact on the environment. Even better things for the environment, and for your wallet, are to consider; camping, university lodging, hostels and more. All of these use fewer resources. They are locally-owned and are most often much more socially responsible.

Try Eco-Friendly transportation.

  • Transportation is one of the biggest drains of the earth’s resources. Walking, biking, and using public transportation is an inexpensive earth friendly option. The train or bus can get you to your location in the first place, but if you want or need to fly, there are economy seats which have a lower carbon footprint than that of business or first class. Souvenir purchases can save you a buck or two.
  • Try not to remove plants and animals from the natural environment and don’t purchase handicrafts made from them. This includes things such as corals. In fact, the best mementos are often pictures. If you have to have something then purchase something you know you will appreciate in the long term and can use at home.