Oil-Free Green Make-Up

Women have used makeup for centuries to enhance their natural features and appeal to the opposite sex. Many of the beauty treatments, products and supplies we use these days are unsafe and some can be toxic to the earth, also irritating our skin, causing pimples and creating other unwanted problems/side effects. Whether you have a serious health issue or not, you might want to pay attention to what your body is absorbing through your skin when you wear makeup. Most makeup is loaded with chemicals that are either untested for long-term effects on your health, or that may already be proven to have potentially harmful qualities. It can be quite a challenge for someone who is concerned about potentially damaging ingredients to find good makeup that doesn’t contain toxins and oils that will cause reactions. Here are some suggestions from EnviroCitizen.org on how you can avoid harmful chemicals and find green alternatives.

First, get informed about ingredients used in makeup. Some ingredients to research and learn about include: parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde. A good resource is The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. They help consumers to understand what is really in most makeup so that they can make better decisions when they purchase cosmetics.

Mineral oil and petroleum are the basic ingredients in many cosmetic products today. Both mineral oil and petroleum have the same origins in fossils fuels. Cosmetics such as foundations, cleansers and moisturizers often contain mineral oil. Locking moisture against the skin, mineral remains on the skin’s surface which can cause pimples and other skin issues. Instead, try beeswax or vegetable-derived substitutes.

The above information might seem intimidating regarding the products you are currently using, but there are plenty of products that are not only cruelty-free, but certified organicĀ as well. Look for the Eco-Cert label as well as the USDA Organic seal and check out what the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics thinks about products before buying so you know you are getting the best.

You can also give yourself the peace of mind of knowing everything in your cosmetics is not harmful to you by making your own. EnviroCitizen.org has found that there are numerous recipes available online with all kinds of healthy ingredients. They are inexpensive and eco-friendly, so it is definitely worth trying. You can experiment with all kinds of plants and minerals that help keep your skin smooth and supple, creating your own custom cosmetics.