Renewable Energy

Investing In Renewable Energy

If you’re looking to invest in renewable energy, Jeff Siegel’s book, “Investing in Renewable Energy,” provides great information not only on the actual investing in stocks, but also in the knowledge you need to discern the differences between different stocks and technologies, and how each technology works.

Siegel is the managing editor of Green Chip Stocks, a service that advises investors on stocks in the renewable energy market and organic and natural foods industry. He is also an avid capitalist and believes these industries will create a new generation of wealth.

The renewable energy market is becoming a dominant force in the global energy arena and is a catalyst for, as Siegel states, “one of the greatest investment opportunities of the twenty-first century.” Siegel pairs with energy experts Chris Nelder and Nick Hodge to show you how to invest successfully in this booming market.

The book is practically laid out, separated into three thorough sections. Siegel reinforces the idea that finite energy sources (oil, natural gas, and coal) are, indeed, finite. He strongly encourages his readers to invest in renewable energy solutions as a means of generating wealth and encouraging renewable technologies to improve.

Siegel discusses many relevant topics, such as why geothermal power plants could prove to be one of the most profitable sectors of the renewable energy industry. He analyzes the twenty-five percent annual growth rate in wind technology, and what that means to an investor. Siegel also highlights the new commodities market that yields profits by trading carbon dioxide.

Siegel also features the players in this renewable energy market, both companies and countries. Siegel, Nelder, and Hodge know the sector well and have done enough research to explain the renewable energy market to the lay person. Such research is cleverly illustrated in “Investing in Renewable Energy,” providing only the most relevant and important information to the reader.

The main premise of the book is that “green chip” investments will yield returns in ways that blue chips once did. (A blue chip is a nickname for stocks that are thought to be safe, in excellent financial shape, and a prominent leader in their field). As Siegel explains, these stocks are very safe long-term bets because of “our insatiable energy consumption and lack of conventional supplies to meet our growing demand.”

Siegel offers a disclaimer in his book though, reminding readers that the market is constantly changing. He suggests that any reader supplement the book by following Green Chip Stocks in order to obtain the most current, up-to-date information on renewable energy stocks.

This book has been awarded high praise by many and Siegel’s customers claim they consistently have optimistic returns. Siegel seems to be one of the good guys on your side, and he can help you achieve the green success you’re dreaming of.