Green Wedding Ideas
Green Wedding Ideas

Green Wedding Ideas

When planning a green wedding, there are many personal touches that come in to play to reflect the taste of the bride and groom. If you would like to have a green wedding, you can still do so without losing an ounce of style or sophistication. has come up with some handy tips for creating the perfect, green wedding!

  • FLOWERS:  Choosing fresh cut flowers for your wedding is not the most eco-friendly choice. Not only are they mass-harvested, using many dangerous and negative chemical fertilizers, but they are cut, making it so they only last for a short period of time during which they are no longer able to perform some of their most wonderful and basic functions. Fresh cut flowers are not able to counteract carbon dioxide produced by mammals, nor are they able to be cross-pollinated by bees. Pollination is extremely important to the growth of all plants. Despite all of these important facts, many individuals desire to have some sort of flowers at their wedding. If you are determined to use fresh cut flowers, opt for the organic variety. This decreases the amount of chemicals put into the environment while they are grown. If you simply like the idea of flowers, but don’t mind how they are presented, consider potted plants. These flowers are still able to benefit the environment and can be kept or given away after as favors. Yet another option is to avoid live or real flowers completely. Many beautiful, unique flower arrangements can be made with dried flowers. Silk flowers, though not real, are just as beautiful and can be reused again and again.
  • FAVORS – The average newlyweds spend $400 on favors for their wedding. However, instead of handing out Jordan almonds, consider something more out-of-the-box !
  1. Charity – Instead of spending a small amount on each guest, take the entire favor allocated amount and donate it to your favorite charity. A wedding may be your big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something great for the world at large as well.
  2. Plantable wedding favors – These wedding favors come in a special biodegradable paper packet, which can be placed directly into the ground. The paper will decompose into the earth and beautiful wildflowers grow directly in their place. Plantable wedding favors come in many shapes and forms. It is possible to choose a color scheme as well as to print the names of those getting married along with the date right on the packet. This adds a little something extra to the already earth-friendly favor. Plantable wedding favors also come in the form of herbs.
  3. Paper embedded seed wedding favors – Shaped, plantable wedding favors come embedded within the notes, confetti and other recycled paper products. Many popular shaped plantable wedding favors come in the form of small, ornate boxes or even beautiful confetti. These things can be directly placed into the ground, where they will eventually sprout into flowers. Shaped plantable wedding favors also come with herbs seeds as well.

If you are looking for the perfect finishing touches to make your wedding the perfect, green wedding you’ve always dreamed of, shop through some of the green wedding ideas here on!