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Moodlighting Made Environmentally Friendly

Moodlighting Made Environmentally Friendly

Creating an atmosphere is essential to any party. Lighting helps create the mood for any party. Whether the party is indoors or outdoors, there are ways to do this that are environmentally friendly.

For more outdoor events, light up your party space with natural candles made from beeswax, soy, and palm oil, rather than petroleum-based versions that are not environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly candles typically burn cleaner and longer than their petroleum-based counterparts, which allows you to reuse them at future parties.

It just so happens that the most earth-friendly way to light your get-together is also the most beautiful. Nothing accents a party quite like natural light, and nature gives us a bevy of lighting options to choose from. Hosting a barbeque at midday, when the light is bright, fills your crowd with energy. For an upscale affair, hold cocktails at dusk when the backdrop of sunset makes guests feel their most glamorous. In the evening, candles will give your celebration a gilded glow.

For indoor events, you can use lights that are environmentally friendly. Use CFLs or LEDs. These light types are much more efficient than incandescent ones. They can be substituted for most light fixtures and can be used for other purposes long after the party itself.

Dimming the lights is also a good option. It saves energy and can also help set the mood. Another idea is to drape strings of twinkle lights around ceilings for an indoor party or in tree branches for outdoors. They’ll make a place seem festive, while allowing you to leave big overhead lights off.