Summer is barbecue season. We use them to entertain large groups, celebrate holidays, and to enjoy the outdoors. A barbecue is a perfect event to green up. Here are some suggestions to make your barbeques eco-friendly.

1. Instead of paper napkins, use cloth napkins. They can be washed and reused for a later barbecue. It is a little additional laundry, but much less waste.

2. Try reusable plates instead of paper. currently has a selection of reusable, dishwasher-safe, recycled plastic plates.

3. Visit a local farmer’s market and buy some organic produce. Often, the produce at farmer’s markets is significantly cheaper then at grocery stores and grown using better practices from small family farms. Plus, it’s less carbon from transportation. Take the leftover vegetables and use what you can for a compost pile.

4. Make sure that no glass or cans are thrown away. All of that can be recycled.

5. An electric grill is more eco-friendly than a charcoal grill.

6. Consider buying organic meat. There are no hormones added and the animals haven’t been fed antibiotics and are fed better quality feed. There are also veggie patties for those willing to try their burger made without meat. Veggie dogs are also good as well and are reportedly similar in taste and texture.

7. Divide leftovers and send them off with guests. Sometimes after barbecues there is a lot of food left over. If you know that you’re not going to be able to eat it by yourself before it goes bad and has to get thrown out, invite guests to take some home instead.

8. If you already have a charcoal grill, make the switch over to eco-friendly charcoal. Coconut Shell Briquette Charcoal, currently found on, is made using the waste from coconut shells. You can also use your own cuts from your trees after they’ve been dried.

9. If the barbeque is going to be for an occasion, such as a birthday party or a 4th of July party, send out e-vites instead of mailing out paper invitations. A simple phone call will do as well. 10. Enjoy your eco-friendly barbecue!