Eco-Friendly Baby Diaper Supplies
Eco-Friendly Baby Diaper Supplies

Eco-Friendly Baby Diaper Supplies discovered that research has shown that some components to make disposable diapers are very tough on the Earth and also may be toxic to us as well.Cloth diapers are eco-friendly, but not always easy for every parent to switch to.Fortunately, there are new eco-friendly options becoming available to parents that work comparably to major brands but have less of a footprint in the long run.

A study published in the Archives of Environmental Health almost a decade ago found that mice exposed to volatile organic chemicals emitted by conventional disposables had asthma-like reactions.Baby lungs are not quite as sensitive as mice, but are sensitive enough.The manufacturing process of regular diapers also involves chlorine,another irritant.All disposables have chemical gel cores that activate to hold in moisture using an absorbent chemical, sodium polyacrylate (SAP),which can cause respiratory and skin irritations.Therefore, many parents are choosing alternatives for the health of their babies.

There are some biodegradable options available, such as Seventh Generation, but these actually degrade about as well as conventional diapers in landfills.There just simply isn’t enough exposure to the elements to make these a feasible choice yet.There are new developments on the way though as companies are striving to improve their products.

The Tushies brand and similar ones help solve the conundrum of function, eco-friendliness and safety.They have a cloth outer shell of the diaper, but have disposable inserts.  The diaper insert is made from a cotton-blend diaper made with chlorine-free wood pulp that contains no extra chemicals or gels.Their site says that they are “assembled in the U.S. with domestic materials and certified non-chlorine bleached wood pulp from Scandinavian, sustainable, renewable, family-owned forests.”You can find them in some health food stores or they can be delivered to you for added convenience.They’re pricier than conventional disposables, but provide a definite peace of mind. Natural Baby Care is now claiming to make the first eco-friendly diaper that is based on new eco-friendly technology that is patented in Sweden.The diapers are 100% chlorine-free and made of corn-based materials.Target is now beginning to carry these diapers as well as other retailers.

Baby products have come a long way from the conventional choices that were once the only products offered by most stores. suggests that you do your research and find the best,greenest baby product choices that fit your baby’s needs.

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