Green Contractor

Find and Hire a Green Contractor

When you make the decision to make your home green,  you’re making a wise choice. has found that hiring a green contractor can make this easier. While virtually no government regulatory agency licenses contractors specifically as green contractors, you can find otherwise licensed contractors affiliated with or certified by the U.S.  Green Building Council, the  National Association of Home Builders,  Build It Green and other building trade groups.

When you are hiring a contractor, see if they have any specialized training. The Green Advantage is a Green certification system for builders and building related professionals. Before choosing someone consider: Do they have any certification from them?  Are they able to make decisions that are more geared towards energy and water conservation?  Do they consider the long term environmental effects of their projects?  Do they have a waste reduction program or plan?  These are all good things to ask a potential contractor. To locate a professional of the Green Advantage program in your area, refer to this website:

ENERGY STAR has programs for contractors as well. Is the contractor affiliated with any of the ENERGY STAR programs?  Do they have educational materials for you to explore your best options for HVAC or other systems?  What kinds of projects have they done in the past and how have those project performed as a follow-up?  These can all be important questions to help you choose a contractor.

If there are any other green guilding entities in your area, you can check with them as well to see if there is anyone who may meet your criteria. Some states and cities have their own programs as well as experts within them who can be great resources for finding the right contractor for your home project. Remember that standards can differ from region to region, so do a little research on what the agency considers green building.

If you are still unsure of where to begin looking for the right help, try asking your local planning office or environmental groups. Word of mouth can be a great way to find the right contractor. has found that finding a green contractor is getting to be easier as green building is growing in demand. Do a bit of research and take your time in finding the right contractor to help you with your green building project, it’s worth the time investment!