Sustainable Ecotourism
Sustainable Ecotourism

Sustainable Ecotourism

A good way to take part in sustainable ecotourism is to look remain mindful of the little details, look for ways to make sure your ecotourism reduces your impact on the environment and research what choices will make your trip sustainable.

Awards are given for eco-recognition within sustainable tourism. The point of eco-recognition awards is to acknowledge businesses that best meet the goals of the environmental bill of rights. This is also referred to as EBR practices. There are many things that must be reviewed in order to determine whether or not a green resort is worthy of eco-recognition.

Sustainable ecotourism worthy of eco-recognition is definitely worth taking part in. If you are interested in visiting a truly sustainable ecotourism location, it is important to know what makes a resort sustainable. suggestions that you determine what you feel to be the most important eco-friendly aspects a green resort should possess. Then all you have to do is find a resort that possess those characteristics!

Consider the following :

  • Construction  – Was the hotel designed in an open manner? This will reduce energy consumption, natural lighting will flow in and you can often benefit from natural air conditioners. Also, are the rooms energy-efficient ?
  • Native Environment  – Does the green resort promote and protect the local culture? Do they promote local cuisine and culture ?
  • Renewable Resources – What kind of renewable resources are used by this resort? Do they utilize solar, hydro, or wind power ?
  • Eco-Recognition – Is the resort recognized for its eco-conscious attitude and eco-friendly behavior? Does it abide by ISO14001 ?
  • Future Green Technology  – Does the resort promote advances in green technology? Does the green resort use the newest energy-saving technology ?
  • Guest Participation – Are the guests aware of and involved in the resort-wide environmental efforts and activities ?
  • Transportation  – Does the resort support local and energy-free transportation? Do they use alternative fuel sources such as bio fuels or electrical powered vehicles ?
  • Waste Reduction – Does the hotel track their waste reduction? Are there low flow toilets, showers and faucets? Are biodegradable products used? And is the biodegradable waste recycled ?
  • Safety and Quality – How is food prepared? Are quality control systems in place ?
  • Staff Training – Does the green resort have a strong company culture which includes the education and implementation of green practices? How is the staff involved ?
  • Stewardship – How does the green resort promote environmental preservation? Is the green resort proactive and publically involved with educating the local community ? believes that sustainable ecotourism is a wonderful way to travel to exotic locations, experience new cultures and support the environment.