Recycling: Green, Simple, and Fun with Kids
Recycling: Green, Simple, and Fun with Kids

Recycling: Green, Simple, and Fun with Kids

If you have kids, recycling can be one of the most fun and most environmentally-friendly activities you can do. Children are notoriously eager to please and full of energy, making them the perfect catalysts for recycling in your home.

To start, allow your children to help create recycling containers. Depending on your area you may need one to four separate recycling bins. Many cities collect recyclables in one container, allowing paper, plastic, and aluminum to go into one container. Other cities require that you separate your recyclables. Still other cities require four separate containers for paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass.

A simple online search will determine the recycling restrictions in your area. Act accordingly. Go to a hardware or craft store and purchase the desired number of bins. Depending on the number of necessary bins and your family size, you’ll need either one large bin or several smaller bins.

Make a small investment in chalkboard paint. You could even get more creative by mixing paint with a small amount of grout, allowing you to create your chalkboard paint in any color. You could even match the color of your recycling bins to the color of the chalkboard paint. Then, once the chalkboard paint is dried, allow your children to write or draw the item that is supposed to go into each container.

Offer your children incentives to recycle. You could offer any number of things, depending on what your child loves. You could offer points that could yield a camping trip or special movie outing. The sky is the limit, and it’s up to you and your children to design the rewards.

Getting your children involved in a household recycling program has many benefits. To start, your family can greatly reduce the amount of materials that go into a landfill. By recycling, you are also reducing your carbon footprint; recycling reduces the carbon footprint of both your family and the products used. You could also earn money, depending on where you live.

Certain cities and states have implemented recycling programs that offer cash for your recycled goods. You could also give your children the money that is earned from recycling, in the form of an allowance, a college education, or fun spending money. So go ahead, recycle to your heart’s (and your family’s) content. Your family and the earth will thank you.