Ecotourism Ideas

Top Green Ecotourism Ideas

Ecotourism is a matter of thinking about the impact of traveling on the environment and asking oneself how one can travel in an environmentally-responsible manner. Vacationers, travelers and globe trotters in general have been very much in the forefront of the important movement of ecotourism which is mainly defined as the responsible and conscientious travel to natural destinations. This is combined with the goals of conserving the environment, improving the well-being of the local people and preserving the local culture. If you’re interested in ecotourism, then you may want to review different ecotourism ideas has compiled below.

  1. Tribewanted: Established, in September of 2006, has been running for more than 3 years now, Tribewanted is an educational journey and adventure holiday. Its main goal is to build a community based on environment sustainability while at the same time learning how every travel action impacts the environment in some ways.
  2. Greenbox: This is the first integrated natural and ecotourism destination in Ireland. The Greenbox area includes Leitrim, Countries Fermanagh, South Donegal, North Sligo and North West Monaghan.
  3. Earthwatch Institute: This non-profit organization offers positions within the scientific field of research worldwide. You can work hand in hand with the Alaskan Aleut people in saving the local seals or you can monitor and track pumas, jaguars as well as brown bears which are only found in the Ecuadorian Andes.
  4. Biosphere Expeditions: Stay for a week to a few months and enjoy the wildlife conservation expedition. Two-thirds of the holiday proceeds goes directly as financial support to local conservation projects.
  5. Ocean Conservancy: The SEE Turtle Program of Ocean Conservancy allows people to participate in sea turtle feedings and visit nesting sites. Travelers visiting the surrounding local communities help support the local economy which is then used to provide conservation jobs to people who once participated in poaching native animals.
  6. Greenheart: Consider visiting Ibiza, the beautiful Mediterranean Island that promotes the Greenheart Ecotourism Project. This project aims to show how a low-impact travel can be both enjoyable and productive at the same time. Backpackers and travelers are encouraged to see the problems that often result from the overuse of natural resources as well as from the uncontrolled development of many tourist destinations. Casita Verde, the model ecological center, allows guests to experience sustainable dwelling through operation and assistance given to locals. believes that any one of these options would be a wonderful way to experience a new culture, preserve the Earth and enjoy a new adventure.