Environmentally Friendly Funerals
Environmentally Friendly Funerals

Environmentally Friendly Funerals

Envirocitizen.org knows that organizing a funeral can be a very difficult time for everyone involved, which is why we have created some helpful tips to assist you in ensuring that the funeral you are coordinating is environmentally friendly. There are many different choices you can make to ensure that a funeral is environmentally friendly; choices such as the casket, the embalmment, tombstone or marker, etc.

Some things to consider are : 

  • Burial Grounds  – Green cemeteries are very popular because of the peaceful final resting spot that they offer. Covered with plenty of natural flora and fauna, there is nothing more desirable than to be able to spend the rest of eternity closer to nature. Green cemeteries do not use any sorts of herbicides. The label of “green cemetery” means that the land assigned will always be free from encroaching development as well. Not only is this a pleasant burial ground, but it is also extremely beneficial to the environment. Green cemeteries do not expose the environment to embalming chemicals, vaults or coffins. Green burials are considered to be very eco-friendly and as the body is released back to the earth, it becomes one the environment quickly without any impact upon the environment. Green cemeteries are considered to be a very cost-efficient funeral choice.
  • Casket  – There are many eco-friendly choices when it comes to choosing a casket.  A bamboo casket is handcrafted by skilled carpenters and is considered to be highly suitable for green burials and clean cremations. Bamboo caskets don’t just benefit the purchasing family. Bamboo plants grow extremely fast, require no fertilizers and are easy to harvest. As bamboo grows it replenishes the fertility in depleted soils in addition to providing habitats for birds and insects. It is important to keep in mind that the bamboo used for green bamboo caskets is not a source of food for threatened panda populations.
  • More Casket Options  – Willow caskets are also an option for green caskets. Willow caskets may vary from colored to colorless due to the difference between trees. Both willow and bamboo caskets feature handles, natural cotton lining, cotton pillows and a cotton shroud. The willow plants are easy to grow and harvest. They also act as a barrier against wind, stabilize soil and combat both river and coastal erosion.
  • Embalming  – Embalming is simply the act of replacing the body’s fluids with chemicals. These chemicals allow the body to be presentable for an open casket funeral or for a viewing. Embalming is not considered to be necessary and releases toxic chemicals into the earth as the body decomposes.  If you would like an environmentally friendly funeral, you should consider not embalming the body.
  • Tombstones and Markers – Many individuals choose a traditional headstone, but there are other more eco-friendly ways to commemorate an individual’s life. Instead, choose a marker that is both beautiful and good for the environment, such as a living marker.  Living markers tend to be trees or bushes planted in remembrance of the deceased individual, leaving a beautiful mark on the world for the one you love.

Envirocitizen.org would like to assist you in this difficult time by providing you with some beautiful, environmentally friendly funeral options.