Bio-Degradable Waste Management

Why is it still necessary to recycle bio-degradable waste? In fact, what is bio-degradable waste? And should you use bio-degradable goods? Below are facts that will make you want to manage your bio-degradable waste in a very habitual way.

 Municipal Waste
Waste Management     • 2/3 bio-waste produced by homes and business is made of natural and organic materials.

• Natural and Organic materials biodegrade over time through natural process. This is termed Biodegradable Municipal Waste.

• Biodegradable municipal waste includes paper, cardboard, food wastes, textiles, and woods.

One of the easiest steps you can take towards eco-friendly waste management is to create

your own home compost. You can of course purchase compost, or a composter, but it’s better for you and the environment to make your own. A compost pit as easy as pie. Simply fence off a small area of your yard, put in some green waste such as grass, and then add the fruit and vegetable scraps from your kitchen. Turn the pile every three days or so and you have a compost pile! This compost can be used in many ways in your lawn and garden and saves a ton of money too.

• All biodegradable municipal waste degrades at varying speeds and rates.

• When land-filled biodegradable wastes degrade, generate leachate, and then generate landfill gas.

• In order to avoid problems such as leachating and generating landfill gas, it is necessary to recycle municipal bio-waste.

• Bio-treatment avoids dependence on landfills as a disposal option.

• Also, recycle your phone books- they can be recycled now within the standard paper recycling. You can take out an electronic subscription to newspapers and magazines or you can simply recycle them when you’re through enjoying them.

These problems can be offset by considering your daily purchases. Buy recycled goods. This includes paper products, such as tissues sacks, stationary, toilet paper, and more. These things are just as pretty, just as usable, and the increased purchasing of these goods increases supply and demand: the stores will buy the products in larger bulk and price will go down for you.

Avoid disposable goods.. Avoid unnecessary bags. In fact, bring your own bags! Instead of paper or plastic, bring your own reusable cloth bags. They are stronger, easy to handle, and are better for the environment. Avoid other disposable products such as razors and wipes.

   Industrial Bio-Waste

• Industrial bio-waste includes wastewater treatment, food and drink preparations, agriculture, forestry, and pharma-chem industries.

• If these wastes are not bio-recycled, they will produce large volumes of putrescible waste in streams.

• These materials degrade into dangers liquid forms which may be large enough to turn into their liquid streams on their own. This makes it absolutely necessary that the products are bio-treated. Take care with your human waste! Don’t over flush, don’t flush bad things, and consider what you pour down the drain!