Eco-Tourism in the Dominican Republic

If you want to go on a green vacation, suggest that you consider going to the Dominican Republic. This country is full of eco-friendly tourist options, including two of the best green hotels in the world. The Dominican Republic is an interesting place to go, not only because of the beauty and eco-friendly features, but also because of its history.

The island of Hispaniola is divided into two countries: the Dominican Republic on the east part of the island and Haiti on the west. Although the two countries share a common piece of land, their use of the land could not be more different. The border between the two countries attests to this point. On the right of the border, the Dominican Republic land is covered with a lush forest while on the left of the border, the land is bare. Haiti has harvested 99% of their forests for timber and other building materials. As a result, the soil has eroded and lost fertility, the rivers have become flooded with sediment, the watershed has lost protection and rainfall has decreased. Haiti is considered to be the poorest country in the New World and is struggling with population growth, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. On the flip side, the Dominican Republic has a per capita income that is five times higher than that of Haiti and they boast the most comprehensive park system in the Americas, with 32% of the country’s land area being dedicated to parks. The Dominican Republic has beautiful geography, as the high mountains are laced with rivers, broad valleys, plains, and plateaus.

The Dominican Republic is one of the few countries in the Caribbean with nine ecological zones, making it an ideal place for a green vacation. Once you get there, there is one eco-friendly lodging option that is particularly fascinated with. Puntacana Resort and Club, has done wonders for the local community. They built a school for the employees’ children and established the Puntacana Ecological Foundation. They also partnered with major United States universities to found the Center for Sustainability and Biodiversity, which aims to face the major issues on the island—ocean water quality, coral reef restoration and preserving threatened species. The La Romana-Bayahibe Hotel Association was organized to protect the special region and to promote eco-friendly lodgings for tourists. Locals are supported in this coalition, and you can contact them for more information regarding their lodging options.

Many eco-friendly tourism companies offer wonderful activities throughout the country.

Dominican RepublicBird watching is very popular with over 300 species of tropical bird, 27 of which are endemic only to the island. Camping is also allowed just about anywhere in the natural areas of the country and Pico Duarte, located in the central mountains, is an excellent place to camp. Canyoning, which is a blend of hiking, swimming, rock climbing, jumping and repelling, is also popular. Hundreds of caves give a unique opportunity for tourists to go caving. If you’re interested in the bountiful ocean life, glass-bottom boats are the fastest way to reach the stunning reefs for snorkeling. Abundant hiking trails lead tourists to some of the most amazing places in the country if you’re up for an adventure on foot. Kayaking, mountain biking, sandboarding, whale watching and surfing are also popular eco-friendly recreational activities available in the Dominican Republic.

In short, has discovered a wealth of eco-friendly vacation options to suit any traveler in the Dominican Replublic.