Carbon Offsets

Carbon Offsets

Why Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsets allow you to take action on global warming now. Offsetting your carbon footprint will support greenhouse gas reduction projects and hasten the transition to a clean energy future.

Carbon offsets can be more efficient than other measures an individual can take to fight global warming, while reducing the same or more carbon dioxide emissions. After all, it is more cost effective to build a 100 MW wind farm in Texas than a 5 kW windmill in your own back yard.

Global Warming Now

Carbon dioxide emissions are causing the Earth’s climate to change and warm, which will have catastrophic results if we do not act to reduce them. Carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere are at their highest levels in recorded history, spanning over 650,000 years.

The effects of climate change can be seen now. Temperatures are increasing, glaciers are receding at unprecedented speeds, storms are becoming more frequent and severe, and chunks of ice the size of Connecticut are breaking off the Antarctic ice shelf.

A Global Problem

Carbon dioxide emissions are a global problem, so reducing a ton of CO2 in Brazil or North Dakota has the same climate change benefit as doing so in your backyard.