The WindPipe: A different perspective of the wind energy

WindPipe: A different perspective of the wind energy

John R. Tuttle has come up with a new kind of wind energy technology that may just change the future of wind power forever. Tuttle’s WindPipe does not resemble traditional wind turbines as there are no long blades or rotating power generator. In fact, there are no rotating parts to Tuttle’s WindPipe at all!

Tuttle’s WindPipe looks similar to a funnel connected to a pipe with a horn-like wind capture head at one end. Tuttle’s prototype can be mounted vertically, horizontally or at just about any angle. “WindPipe technology is truly different’, says Tuttle, “because it does not require propeller blades and can be laid on its side or any other angle, it can be used not only in traditional wind farm tower arrays, but inside buildings and even underground with air ducted in from the winds above. Wind capture does not have to be circularly shaped as with spinning propeller blades, capture can be rectangular or any other shape with the air then ducted to the energy converter system for direct energy conversion to electricity.”

The great thing about Tuttle’s WindPipe is that, because there are no churning blades, WindPipes can be installed close together and pose no risk to wildlife a common concern of wind turbines. The WindPipe is also more efficient than wind turbines, about three to ten times cheaper than wind turbines and yields more affordable energy. Tuttle’s company, John R. Tuttle, Inc. (JRTI), is currently working on a thirty-foot-tall unit that will be capable of producing more than nine hundred watts of energy when exposed to an average wind speed of 22 mph. This tower will begin production in the spring of 2010.

Tuttle is an innovator in every sense of the word and his WindPipe might prove to be just the kind of technology that can transition the United States into a clean, renewable energy future. Tuttle believes the possibilities of the WindPipe are endless and will try to prove this in years to come. Expectations are certainly high as it certainly seems as though the WindPipe may make energy by way of wind power accessible on a very large scale perhaps to everyone in the United States! EnviroCitizens is eager to see how things progress when the WindPipe goes into production in Spring ’10. Hopefully this is the means to taking a giant leap forward and leaving conventional energy and fossil fuels behind for good!