Green Contraptions

Green Contraptions That Will Blow Your Mind

There are a lot of very cool green contraptions out there, and they all exhibit the kind of innovation that Americans need to solve environmental problems. One such contraption is the RITI printer. Unlike a conventional printer, the RITI printer doesn’t use any ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are one of the notorious problems with printers, since they’re costly to refill and are filled with inks that are not at all eco-friendly. Instead, the RITI printer uses coffee grinds from your morning coffee. You can simply put used coffee grounds or tea dregs (the stuff inside a used tea bag) into the ink case and start printing. You use your own human power to manually move the ink case left and right, which means that you don’t need any electricity to print.

Blight is another really cool, green contraption. It’s an indoor lighting solution that replaces lamps without needing to use any electricity. Blight looks like Venetian blinds when you first look at it, but each panel is actually a miniature solar photovoltaic panel. During the say, Blight soaks up solar energy, and then at night it emits it back into your home in the form of electric light.

Another fun, green contraption is Blink. Blink is a photocell-controlled switch that you can put on any of your outlets, which then uses natural sunlight to disable any devices plugged into blink. Blink is good for a lot of things, like turning off your television throughout the night or turning on a night-light during dark hours. With Blink, you can reduce the amount of wasted energy in your home.

While you’re thinking about conserving resources, think about the Bware Water Meter. It’s a small water meter device that helps you to understand how much water you’re using. Bware is made from recycled materials and is super easy to operate; you attach it to any shower or sink faucet, and it starts to log how much water you use. Bware is also cool because it gets the energy it needs from the flow of water from your tap.

Moving on to the kitchen, the next cool gadget goes underneath your sink. It’s the CompostAll and it replaces your in-sink garbage disposal. Instead of chopping up food waste and sending it down the drain (which then ends up in waterways), the CompostAll allows you to compost your food waste. So, you switch out your disposal for the CompostAll and live life like normal, since you can keep throwing your food waste in the sink. When the CompostAll is full, you just take it out and put the waste in your outdoor compost bin.

Another green contraption that you’ll like is the Indoor Clothes Rack. It’s a sustainably-made, indoor drying rack for clothing. This makes good sense because a clothes dryer is the second largest energy-consuming appliance in American homes and line drying can be a less desirable alternative; not everyone wants to hang their undergarments outside for their neighbors to see, for example. The Indoor Clothes Rack solves that problem, and it’s super green, too. It’s made from bamboo and recycled aluminum, which is great because bamboo naturally resists mold and mildew. It has a lot of moveable arms that make drying your laundry inside very easy.

These are all very cool, very green new contraptions that has come across that will make living a green lifestyle even easier.