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At, our motto is: eco-friendly, eco-logical. We are proud of the work we do to assist you to select natural products for yourself and your family that appeal to your sensibilities as you strive to do your part to preserve our earth and our environment. While we all know that Earth Day comes every year on April 22, at we hope you will celebrate every day as Earth Day. We applaud your decision to live a green, eco-friendly lifestyle and hope that you find a pleasant and accommodating experience.

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As citizens of our earth, we all bear an important environmental responsibility. As a result, and as our consciousness is continually raised, many of us are choosing to begin to live a more natural lifestyle. Our green living choices come in many different forms - some small, some quite large.

Here at you will find a thoughtful selection of natural products that will fit well into your eco-friendly lifestyle. Your decision to live lightly on our planet is well supported by our vast selection of environmentally safe products for your home, lawn and garden or office. We have many eco-friendly everyday items such as personal products, toiletries, cosmetics, vegetarian and vegan foods, yoga supplies, pet supplies, bath products, energy efficient appliances and more. Our products are made with natural ingredients, recycled materials and renewable and sustainable sources. Environmentally friendly, natural products are available for use in every room of your home from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the bedroom and more. Green cleaning products , eco-friendly party supplies and even green office supplies are abundant here at as are green gardening products for your lawn and garden needs.

We are conscious and supportive of your efforts to buy organic products whenever possible for yourself as well as your family. We strive to continually offer a robust selection of organically grown products and products made from natural, organic ingredients. We cater to the needs and desires of those who choose vegetarian or vegan lifestyles as well as those with dietary constraints and food allergies. In addition we strive to bring you a large selection of non-toxic, low VOC, natural and BPA free products.

We also realize that you as a consumer may be doing everything you can to purchase environmental products in an attempt to live a greener lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint with carbon offsets. Never the less, you are conscious of the fact that purchasing green products along with practicing the three R's – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – cannot completely eliminate your carbon footprint. In an attempt to assist you further, also offers convenient carbon offsets. These carbon offsets are designed to offset carbon created by the mileage you put on your vehicle as well as that created by an airplane trip you must take. There are also offsets available to offset the carbon created by an event such as a wedding or bar-mitzvah as well as other things in your life where you cannot fully eliminate your carbon footprint.

The choices we make to go green can aggregate to widespread responsible environmental stewardship as a community as we all move toward living more lightly on our earth. These green living choices manifest themselves in many ways. For example, when we choose our energy sources, we may choose renewable or sustainable modes of energy production such as solar power or wind power in our pursuit to be as eco-friendly and ecological as we can be. The choice to implement a solar power generation project in our home or office can become an important step in reinforcing our individual and collective environmental stewardship responsibilities. Solar power can be an effective way to go green and it can be as simple as a solar water heater, as elegant as solar panels on your RV or as comprehensive as an eco-friendly, complete solar panel project for your entire home. Renewable energy is a responsible choice.

Another eco-friendly, ecological method of generating sustainable, renewable energy comes in the form of wind turbines. Wind power is coming of age rapidly as wind turbines and the technology behind wind turbines and wind power generation is experiencing significant advances. Wind power, like solar power, is a wonderful way to take the environmental high road. The environmental choices we make must include as many renewable, sustainable energy and production practices as we can support. In our pursuit of informed environmental citizenship, it is vitally important to keep abreast of environmental news as well as environmental issues.