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Wind Energy Wind Turbines, Wind Power, Off Grid Energy

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Old 10-29-2009, 07:29 AM
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Default Advantages of Wind Energy

Available in ample.
Widely distributed, cheap, and also reducing toxic gas emissions.
Advantageous over traditional methods of creating energy.
Cheaper and cheaper to produce wind energy and it may soon be the cheapest way to produce energy on a large scale.
Diminish the greenhouse effect.
Generates no pollution.
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Old 10-29-2009, 03:32 PM
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[I]Here are some Advantages as well as some Disadvantages of Wind Energy. I have also compared Wind Energy with Geothermal Energy and Solar Energy.[/I]

- There are no carbon equivalent (CO2e) greenhouse gas emissions once the wind turbine is built, although some are produced in manufacturing and installing the wind turbines.

- Wind has a lower cost per installed megawatt (MW) of generation capacity than some other types of renewable generation (e.g. solar, biomass).

- Wind is a mature and established generation technology, which is widely accepted by energy utility companies (compared with emerging technologies such as biomass gasification/cogeneration, which have more technical risk).


- Wind power still has a higher cost per installed MW of capacity than some conventional energy sources (e.g. coal, hydro).

- Power production is intermittent, depending on wind speed (this is also true of solar and marine renewable generation). This means that generation utilities have to either have backup generation (e.g. gas peaking plant), demand reduction systems (e.g. hot water ripple control) or hedging arrangements with other utilities in place to ensure they can deliver power to consumers and maintain the required power quality for the grid.

- Sites that make good wind farm locations (places with bare land and strong, steady wind flow) often are in remote places a long way from major electricity grid connection sites. This means there can be substantial added costs to connect