Mimicking Nature with Artificial Leaves

By Jack Lundee, an avid follower of all things green and progressive.

With large corporations opening new battery plants, it’s no wonder why the race is on for sustainability. As Andrew Liveris and his team gear up to decrease the rate in which we burn fossil fuels, others are doing the same.

But Batteries aren’t the only [...]

Going Green Back to School

by Megan Seyler

It happens every year whether you would like it to or not: it’s time to go back to school.  It’s time for long afternoons spent listening to potentially boring lectures and even longer nights of homework and studying.  Even if going back to school isn’t your favorite time of year, there is something [...]

What better way to promote clean renewable energy – specifically wind energy? Have a kite festival, of course!

By Elena Christopoulos – the wind guru

I know what you are thinking. A kite festival? What on earth does that have to do with spreading the message of environmentalism? Actually, from my perspective, it is an absolutely brilliant idea. Why? Educate the children.

That’s right. Educate our children. Have an event that is fun, exciting and [...]

Six Ideas to Green up Dad and His Recent Grad

By Dan Marcus & Ralph Santoni

EnviroCitizen.org , as  one of the most comprehensive sites on the internet for those who choose a green, eco-friendly lifestyle, has a vast selection of green gifts for every Dad and Grad this spring. EnviroCitizen boasts an expansive selection of eco-friendly products as well as a tremendous informational and educational [...]