Back to School: College Campuses Drive Green Initiatives

Green Campus

How Green Is Your Campus?

By Mike Valenti explored initiatives taking place on college campuses to reduce the footprints of these large users of energy and other resources.  Here is what we found.

Serving in many respects as microcosms of the world at large, college campuses are great test beds for environmental change, and many students [...]

Natural Toiletries: What’s In Your Purse?

By Mike Valenti

Natural Toiletries: What's In Your Purse?

Here at we like to ask questions.  The question we ask you today is what’s inside your makeup bag? A shimmery lipstick, a full-proof foundation and a tube of black mascara? Now take a good, hard look at what’s really inside your makeup bag. Read all [...]

Movie Review: WINDED

First Wind Turbine in North America

By Elena Christopoulos

Last night I watched a great film, created by Mitch Haigh. It was called ‘Winded’. Mitch goes on a journey to find the real truth about Wind Turbines. The film looks at both sides of the debate and controversy of Wind Turbines, specifically the concerns of residents [...]

Choosing Natural Products and Supplements

By Mike Valenti 

Choosing Natural Products

Here at we are committed to educating and informing people about natural products.  We are also committed to making a robust selection of natural products available in our online superstore.  How to choose natural products and natural supplements has as much to do with what to look for as [...]

How To Be Green With Natural Skin Care Products

By Mike Valenti

In today’s more environmentally-friendly world, people are becoming more aware of all the benefits they can get from natural skin care products. They will actively seek out green or eco-friendly products to use as part of their daily skin care routine. It isn’t surprising, then, that skin care products manufacturers are opening their [...]