Movie Review: WINDED

First Wind Turbine in North America

By Elena Christopoulos

Last night I watched a great film, created by Mitch Haigh. It was called ‘Winded’. Mitch goes on a journey to find the real truth about Wind Turbines. The film looks at both sides of the debate and controversy of Wind Turbines, specifically the concerns of residents [...]

Brazil Goes Green, Economically and Environmentally

By Arto Torosoglu

On Monday, December 13, 2010, 60 Minutes on CBS had a segment about Brazil’s economic boom and how the country is working on managing it. Americans recognize Brazil as many things whether it be a vacation spot, tourist attraction, soccer haven, or even a third world country. It turns out that the country [...]

Travel Packages for a Green Winter

By Arto Torosoglu

During even the coldest winter seasons, vacations can still be environmentally friendly. has found fantastic ways to identify these travel packages which are eco-friendly and educational experiences.  Most people don’t associate too many vacations with the winter but the truth is there are tons of opportunities to get some rest and relaxation [...]

Environmental Vegetarianism: Friend or Foe?

Environmental Vegetarianism is the practice of vegetarianism or veganism, based on the indications that animal production, particularly by intensive agriculture is environmentally [...]

Mimicking Nature with Artificial Leaves

By Jack Lundee, an avid follower of all things green and progressive.

With large corporations opening new battery plants, it’s no wonder why the race is on for sustainability. As Andrew Liveris and his team gear up to decrease the rate in which we burn fossil fuels, others are doing the same.

But Batteries aren’t the only [...]