Composting For the Holidays


By Mike Valenti

The holiday season is once again upon us; a time for friends, family, food and composting.  Here at EnviroCitizen we know this is a busy, fun-filled time of year.  We also know that the holidays offer a true opportunity to give mother Earth a special holiday gift – the gift of compost!

The [...]

Fall Foliage: Composting Your Leaves

By Nick Pinsker

As the sweet smell of summer becomes a distant memory, we watch begrudgingly as the leaves change color and as fall swoops in. You may ask yourself, what to do with the excessively large amount of dead leaves crowding your yard? Why not compost? Each year a single tree can shed up to [...]

Six Ideas to Green up Dad and His Recent Grad

By Dan Marcus & Ralph Santoni , as  one of the most comprehensive sites on the internet for those who choose a green, eco-friendly lifestyle, has a vast selection of green gifts for every Dad and Grad this spring. EnviroCitizen boasts an expansive selection of eco-friendly products as well as a tremendous informational and educational [...]