Back to School: College Campuses Drive Green Initiatives

Green Campus

How Green Is Your Campus?

By Mike Valenti explored initiatives taking place on college campuses to reduce the footprints of these large users of energy and other resources.  Here is what we found.

Serving in many respects as microcosms of the world at large, college campuses are great test beds for environmental change, and many students [...]

No Hybrid? Smaller Ways to Go Green

Peter Demarco: The Boston Globe


By Peter DeMarco

Ever gotten a parking ticket from the carbon-footprint police? I drive a gas-wasting Chevy Tahoe, and for a time someone in the neighborhood would routinely plant orange, “Violation: Earth’’ citations on my windshield. “To SUV Driver,’’ they read. “Time to buy a Hybrid!’’

My Tahoe has served me [...]