Skin Care Products Defined

Natural, Organic and Botanical Skin Care Products Defined

Here at EnviroCitizen, we know how important it is to you to take the very best care of yourself, your family and the environment. You know that words like natural, organic and botanical are important to you on the labels and in the ingredients of the products you purchase and use. But what do these words really mean?

In today’s more environmentally-friendly world, people are becoming more aware of all the benefits they can get from natural skin care products. They will actively seek out green or eco-friendly products to use as part of their daily skincare routine. It isn’t surprising, then, that skin care products manufacturers are opening their eyes to the current wave of consumers who wish to buy green products, and labeling them as organic or natural, depending on the ingredients.

There are differences between organic and natural products, although the terms are often used interchangeably. Natural products for skin care have ingredients that come from nature and that have not been processed. This includes products with minerals, vitamins, and fruits. Aloe Vera is also a natural product, but that doesn’t mean that Aloe Vera plants are grown in an organic way, and there may also be chemical or synthetic ingredients used.

Organic skin care products, on the other hand, were processed without the use of pesticides or chemicals during the growth of the plants used in their production. Chemical processing is also not utilized in organic products for skin care.

Natural skin care products are an excellent addition to a serious skin care regimen. Products made with natural or organic ingredients may not be used by people with allergies to the natural ingredients, but otherwise, products that are green are often healthier for you to use. You can test for allergies by applying just a small area of natural products to be sure you don’t have a reaction.

Botanical products are also used frequently in products for skin care. This category includes products with ingredients that were derived from trees or plants, like coconut and Aloe Vera.

Companies that manufacture green skin care products may use ingredients that are organic, natural or botanical. When they are marketing products for serious skin care, the greener companies will strive to use more organic or natural ingredients in their products, so that you will be using ingredients that are healthy for you, and so that their processing can be better for the environment.
Check for the most prominent ingredients, which will be listed

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first, so you can select products with natural ingredients near the top of the list on the packaging. In this way, you can choose natural products that will help your skin to stay healthy, made with processes that also help the health of the environment.

Natural products are well worth the time it takes to find them. These products should be safe for you and your children as well, and they should be made in a way that does the least harm to the environment. There are many chemicals in most skin care products, and your skin will thank you for selecting products that use natural products instead of chemicals.

We applaud your decision to seek out natural, organic and botanical products. Now you likely have some clarity around what these words really mean on the labels and in the ingredients of the products you buy. EnviroCitizen has thousands of products that will meet your needs in our natural products superstore. We hope you will browse our store and visit again often.