Environmental Vegetarianism: Friend or Foe?

Environmental Vegetarianism is the practice of vegetarianism or veganism, based on the indications that animal production, particularly by intensive agriculture is environmentally […]

Mimicking Nature with Artificial Leaves

By Jack Lundee, an avid follower of all things green and progressive.

With large corporations opening new battery plants, it’s no wonder why the race is on for sustainability. As Andrew Liveris and his team gear up to decrease the rate in which we burn fossil fuels, others are doing the same.

But Batteries aren’t the only […]

Fall Foliage: Composting Your Leaves

By Nick Pinsker

As the sweet smell of summer becomes a distant memory, we watch begrudgingly as the leaves change color and as fall swoops in. You may ask yourself, what to do with the excessively large amount of dead leaves crowding your yard? Why not compost? Each year a single tree can shed up to […]

NYC “Edible Garden” Event

In a world of processed and artificial foods, it often feels like getting fresh and organic foods is becoming more and more difficult. Part of the green initiative is to make sure people understand why we should choose the latter. During the “Edible Garden” event in New York, some of the most talented and creative […]