Majestic wind turbines will soon grace the tourist regions of Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard

By Elena Christopoulos 

First Wind Turbine in North America

After nine years, something absolutely wonderful has happened in Cape Cod. On the 28th of April, an off-shore wind farm project was approved by U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Salazar called the project a first step in the nation’s “clean energy revolution,” and vowed, “This will be the […]

If You Can't Drink It, Don't Use It: A Rule of Thumb for Household Products

Green Household Products

By Mike Valenti

Can a product that’s eco-friendly really be good for the environment (as the term would suggest) if there’s a warning not to drink it? believes that if something is safe for the environment, it should be safe for you in most cases, too. For example, if you’re using a […]

Happy Earth Day 2010!!!

Earth Day 2010

As we all pause to reflect on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, it is important to reflect on what this day symbolizes.  Earth day is a day where we pay global respect to the planet we live on.  It is a day to contemplate the environment and our individual and collective […]

Clinton Foundation to Donate 20,000 Solar Flashlights in Haiti – With Your Help

Former President Clinton

By Mike Valenti has been contacted today by the William J. Clinton Foundation for help in getting the word out on an extremely worthy cause.  We are excited and encouraged by their efforts and support them completely.  We would like to encourage our EnviroCitizens to support them as well.

In summary, the Clinton […]

No Hybrid? Smaller Ways to Go Green

Peter Demarco: The Boston Globe


By Peter DeMarco

Ever gotten a parking ticket from the carbon-footprint police? I drive a gas-wasting Chevy Tahoe, and for a time someone in the neighborhood would routinely plant orange, “Violation: Earth’’ citations on my windshield. “To SUV Driver,’’ they read. “Time to buy a Hybrid!’’

My Tahoe has served me […]